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Using VS Code


The team that creates and maintains the VS Code text editor describes it as "code editing redefined" and points out that it is "free" and "built on open source" and that it "runs everywhere". Sounds nice, huh? After you have reviewed the content on VS Code's web site, follow the instructions there to install in on the computer that you will use for proactive programming. Now, go ahead and take some time to customize your text editor so that it uses a color scheme that matches your style!


To complete your setup of VS Code, please read about, install, configure, and practice using the following VS Code extensions! While some of the extensions in the following list are mandatory for you to become a successful proactive programmer who uses Python (e.g., the Python extension from Microsoft), others are optionally installed at your discretion if you think the would be helpful (e.g., Bookmarks from Alessandro Fragnani). Make sure that you install extensions in each of the following categories!

Python Programming

Collaborative Programming

Git and GitHub

Okay, now that you have configured your text editor it is time to learn how to write technical documentation with VS Code!

Updated: 2023-08-23   Created: 2021-08-12
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