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Using GatorGrader


The projects on this web site integrate the GatorGrader tool so that an emerging proactive programmer can receive rapid feedback in either a GitHub Actions build or by running an assessment tool on their computer. Since each project on this site overviews the checks that GatorGrader runs, the purpose of this documentation is to explain how to run GatorGrader through the use of GatorGrade. To install the GatorGrade program you need to, after first installing the most recent version of Python, install the program called Pipx. This program will make it easy for you to install GatorGrade through the use of the command pipx install gatorgrade. If you are in the home directory of a specific project described on this site you can type the command gatorgrade --config config/gatorgrade.yml to run all the automated assessments for the project.

Next Steps

Before you start to learn more about the professional skills of a proactive programmer, make sure that you review the introduction to these technical skills. Have you become comfortable with, for instance, acting on feedback from others, giving feedback to your colleagues, and giving feedback to yourself? Make sure that you continue to practice all of these technical skills, participating in the proactive community by sharing your ideas for improving this content and helping others to master each software tool!

Updated: 2022-09-03   Created: 2021-08-24
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